Travel Around the World Itinerary


travel around world itinerary


Trip Duration: 150 days

Countries Visited: 10

Continents: 3

Kilometers Hiked: 800 km Across Spain

We decided to stop our fast paced lives and travel around the world in 2016. We liked it so much we are working on our next around the world itinerary! Read below to find out our itinerary

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travel around world itinerary

We set out to travel with a one way ticket not knowing when we were going to come back. Before leaving, we had booked our transportation and hotels/airbnbs through Naples in Italy. 3 days before our Airbnb reservation expired we did not know where we were going next. This is where the adventure started to get real. We were looking at the map and and picking places to visit on the go. We selected destinations because they were close, or because it was cheap and sometimes because we were going to have a long layover. Instead of waiting at an airport for 2, 3 or 5 hours, we would stay in that place for a few days. That’s how we arrived to Abu Dhabi.



USA to England

travel around world itinerary

 We drove from Washington, DC to Orlando, FL. Bought a one-way ticket from Orlando, FL to London. This was a very exciting moment for us. We had never embarked in such an adventure. It was our first time traveling with just our backpacks. First time ever using backpacks… Continue Reading 

During our time in England, we visited:





England to France

travel around world itinerary

We took a flight from Stansted Airport to Biarritz. As soon as we stepped off the airplane we could smell the pastries! Just kidding, but the pastries is France are the best ones we have tried in our travels.


Biarritz to St. Jean Pied de Port

travel around world itinerary

We took a train from Bayonne to St. Jean Pied de Port. This train was filled with pilgrims. This is where the excitement about the Camino de Santiago starts kicking in. Everyone in the train was wearing hiking clothes, poles and backpacks… Continue Reading


Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) St. Jean Pied de Port – Santiago de Compostela

travel around world itinerary

We walked for 37 days taking 2 days off for resting. This has been one our best experiences in life. The people we met. The teachings of the Camino. The food, the wine. EVERYTHING! Continue Reading


Santiago de CompostelaOporto, Portugal

 travel around world itinerary

We spend much needed restful time in Oporto. We were immediately surprised by the prices of food and drinks and how welcoming people in Oporto were. We rented an Airbnb and had the nicest time exploring the city as locals. Most restaurants where we ate, we were the only turists! A+ for us! Continue Reading


Oporto, Portugal to Vigo, Spain

Around the world itineraryWe took a very affordable bus back to Spain. We had a high school friend who offered her home so we could to stay with her! We said yes! She took us to different towns near by in Galicia, the beach and some delicious restaurants… Continue Reading


Vigo, Spain to Ibiza, Spain

travel around world itinerary

Always wanted to see what Ibiza  had to offer. The parties, the beaches, the people! It surely lived up to the hype. While its very touristy and most people speak English you tend to forget you are in Spain. The city offered a very unique experience and atmosphere. Get your pockets ready… Ibiza’s prices from hotels, to food and parties tend to be high $$$! Continue Reading


Ibiza, Spain to Naples, Italy

travel around world itinerary

We had been to Italy in the past, we did a tour around Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Milano. This time we wanted to stay in one place and really get to know it well. We did a couple of one day trips to Sorrento and Pompeii. Fun experience, while in Naples a taxi driver told us: In this city you are either going up or down. The city is in a hill. Rest assure you will get a good workout when walking. Specially when going up hill. Delicious pizza in almost every restaurant… Continue Reading


Naples, Italy to Sicily, Italy

travel around world itinerary

3 days before our reservation in Airbnb ended, we had no plans on where to go. We looked at the map and wanted to go south. The cheapest airline ticket was to Catania! So we booked it. Up to this point, all the flights we bought were one way only. From Catania we visited Palermo and Taormina… Continue Reading


Sicily, Italy to Athens, Greece

 travel around world itinerary

While in Sicily, we heard a friend of ours was in Athens. We had no plans to go there. We looked at a map and realized it was very close. The airline tickets were very affordable so we booked it! Continue Reading


Athens, Greece to Abu Dhabi and Dubai

travel around world itinerary

While in Athens we decided we wanted to see the Taj Mahal in India. We looked for airfares and they all had a layover in Abu Dhabi. We had no way of avoiding the layover so we booked a trip to Abu Dhabi! We were so thankful we did it. Dubai was about an hour drive from our hotel. This was something we had not planned and worked out great…  Continue Reading


Abu Dhabi, UAE to New Delhi, India

travel around world itinerary

This was a huge change. The two countries are so different. We arrived in India and were delighted by the people and the food. Even though our bodies needed to adjust to the local cuisine… Continue Reading


New Delhi, India to Goa, India

travel around world itinerary

Goa is where all Indians go to party! The hotel was playing music all day and up to 11pm by the pool. We visited during the monsoon season so could not really enjoy the beaches… Continue Reading


Goa, India to Bangkok, Thailand

travel around world itinerary

We were immediately surprised by Bangkok, its people and how delicious the food was. Coming from D.C. Where if you want to get in the metro during rush hour you have to push people. In Bangkok everyone lines up outside the metro and go in one by one. So much culture. Continue Reading


Bangkok Thailand to Phuket, Thailand

travel around world itinerary

Since we had been traveling so much and mainly to big cities, we wanted to take some time and relax. Phuket was the place. The pool at the hotel was perfect and the beaches had very clear green and blue waters… Continue Reading


Phuket Thailand to Los Angeles, California USA.

travel around world itinerary

We had a 5 hour layover in Seoul. We should have stayed there for a few weeks. The airport was impressive. With small beds and shower, to a movie theater and a big selection of restaurants. In LA we were fortunate enough to find a museum exhibition we were wanting to see.


This concluded our first travels around the world. We have visited and will continue to travel to other countries and cities.Be sure to check our blog for the latest updates.