During our visit to Thailand, we found easy going and humble people. The food in this country is delicious. We also encounter beautiful beaches, helpful people, lovely elephants, great historic sites and many more. Click below to see our experience in Thailand.  


How to fall in love with Italy? Just go! We have visited a few cites in Italy. Click on the links below. Always remember to visit coffee shops, pastries, eat local food and drink lots of wine! We will be updating Milan, Venice, Rome, Pisa and Florence soon! Stay tuned!


Spain is filled with some of the best gastronomy. No wonder why Paellas are so famous around the world. Even better, their general food menus go far and beyond of anyone’s expectations. The unique culture makes it  some of the most relaxed we have experienced. They really know how to enjoy life! Stay tuned for […]

Where to go in England besides London?

Where to go in England besides London?   There are many places to go in England besides London. England provides a unique European experience. While they were part of the European Union they like to know, and are certainly different than the rest of Europe. We have been to London a few different times and […]