Santiago de Compostela and Galicia

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Santiago de Compostela: And we have made it! For us it was an amazing experience and couldn’t believe we had made it just like that. You think about your destination throughout the whole camino and then you are there…. you are done. Just rememeber, Santiago de Compostela is not where it ends. It’s where it […]

Camino de Santiago Albergue Tips

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We wish we knew the following before our Camino 🙂   Bed time: Some people go to bed early/late and some people get up early/late. Wherever you fall in the spectrum just make sure to respect fellow pilgrims by preparing ahead of time (no plastic bags please!). Bare in mind most albergues have bed curfews […]

Spain’s Culture

Sagrada Familia Spain

We all decide to do the camino for different reasons and hope to come back home with something new….something learned. One thing we do not usually think we will learn about is Spanish culture. Its an amazing country and fascinating culture. After spending two months in Spain, we would like to share a few things […]

Camino de Santiago Tips (Camino Frances)

We set out to travel with a one way ticket not know when we were going to come back. Before leaving we had booked our transportation and hotels/airbnb through Naples in Italy

After completing the Camino we came up with some great tips that can make your camino go much smoother! See below: Pack light: Most people recommend 10% body weight. We recommend 9%. Get fitted at your local store to buy the correct size of your backpack. Try to get something small. Vanessa had a 55 […]

What to bring to the Camino de Santiago

What to bring for the Camino De Santiago? First things first! At the pilgrim’s office there is a scale. If you are carrying more than 10% of your body weight, do not worry! When we walked in London all day with our back packs we realized we had extra weight we were not going to […]

Camino de Santiago How? & Why?

Why did we decide to do the Camino?    It was time for us to do something different. We wanted to stop our fast paced lives and go around the world. We did not know the places we would visit but we were certain that we would hopefully complete the Camino de Santiago (The Way […]